Stick 2.8

Adds several tabs and tools to the desktop
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Place several tabs and tools on your PC screen. It includes a calendar, navigator, browser tab, calculator, RSS feed, taskbar and a note-taking utility.

Stick is a user-friendly application that allows you to place different utilities on your PC's desktop. With just a few clicks you can add many "ScreenTabs" with highly useful utilities, such as a note tab, a calculator, a calendar, a navigator tab or an Internet tab. You just click on "Add tab" and set the type of utility you want to attach.

In the note tab, you can make notes in rich or plain text. With the calculator, you can perform simple calculations, calculate square roots, etc. The Internet tab offers you the possibility to browse different websites that you use frequently. In addition, the navigator tab lets you explore the folders on your PC. Furthermore, once you have selected the tab you want to add, you can customize it. You can change the title of the utility and the position in which it will be attached (left, right, bottom, or top side of the screen). You can also choose a theme among different styles and colours. You can personalize the behavior of the tab, its level of transparency, and the sliding speed. Finally, you can link it to a hotkey in order to toggle its visibility.

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable options


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